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The 1 Week Business Setup

Setting up any business can take a very long time, and a 1 week business setup sounds a bit crazy for sure we know but it works we done it.

The Setup Essentials

There is no quick way to go about the legal and tax side of things so we won’t cover them here, we’ll cover what you need to be in business online.

The 1 Week Business Setup is written to help new businesses, primarily those doing business online to get their business setup super fast.

The Checklist

Website: You will need a website that works perfectly on desktop and mobile and with a focus on making it easy for potential customers to learn about your business & to get in touch with you.

Email: You’ll need a professional email that is easy to use on desktop & mobile, you’ll spend a lot of your day in it so pick one you’re familiar with, and that’s why we recommend Google for most.

Phone: Most businesses think of a landline first, but now digital landlines known as VOIPs are available at very reasonable rates, these give you a virtual landline that you can use on any mobile phone.

Social Media: Where would we all be without our social profiles, but you need to be able to keep your social content up to date, without it taking all week.

MONEY: What use if you can’t get paid, most banks are notoriously slow to open an account at, but there are some digital options to get you online in days not weeks.

The Solutions

We’ve outlined solutions to all of those problems below that you could have all setup within just 1 week.

Website – WordPress & Elementor

You could custom-code your website, but custom-coding your website really isn’t needed anymore for most businesses, it’s slow and expensive and there are now more manageable and affordable options.


If you use the internet, you’ve been on a WordPress website every day, 455,000,000 websites are built using WordPress. WordPress is a great option for your website because of the huge amount of Plugins (54,000 to be exact) available to Link WordPress with so many other tools that you’ll end up using as you build up your business.


Elementor is the best website page builder out there, we know, and we’ve tested all of them to be sure. Website used to be coded from start to end, it was a timely and expensive process, but that’s how it was done before tools like this became common.

Things have moved on as the industry and technology grew. Tools like Elementor reduce the build time significantly so you can try to build your own or have an agency build it for you in a few weeks.

Google Workspace Business Account

We know email is free, well with Gmail or your hosting provider it is. But, if there is one Google product we feel is an absolute must it’s Google Workspace. Google Workspace gives you access to the majority of Google’s apps through a dedicated business account. This account gives you an email, like our one

This email is super quick to set up, and it will give you access to all Google tools under one account. This means your Gmail, Analytics, Google Docs & Calendar can all be used from your business email. Workspace accounts start from €5.75 per month, the best fiver you’ll spend all year.

Phone – Google Voice

What should be as quick as plugging the landline in, and picking it up isn’t the best way for most people anymore. A lot of us know work hybrid and can be out of the office for a lot of the day, so the landline goes unanswered, thankfully there is a straightforward solution.

Google (yes those guys again) offers a service in Google Workspace called Google Voice. This is a virtual phone number that is linked directly to your Google account. These are localised so you can get a number for your city, and it takes about 48 hours to get it live. It’s €10 per month for each number.

We recommend this option because it’s super quick and easy to set up, and it’s easily scalable, you can even have a number in each country you sell to if you’re planning to work internationally.

Social Media – Buffer & Canva

We don’t hold any secrets for getting social media @s and Page names that others have, so we’ll focus on how we’ll use it efficiently.

You can use Canva for designing the majority of your visual content. It has 10,000s of ready-to-customise templates for all of the content you’ll ever need. A pro account will set you back €10 a month, but it’s a worthwhile investment as it opens up loads of extra functions and templates.

So once the content is ready to go you’ll need to get it onto social quickly, but more importantly at good times. Also, you need to reduce the time all of this takes to just a few hours a week so that you can focus on the rest of the business, an app called Buffer will let you do exactly that.

The free package works for 3 social platforms, which will cover most business needs. Buffer lets you write the content to match those images from Canva and automatically schedule them to post on all of your social platforms. You can tweak the post for each platform, like adding # to Instagram, and image sliders to Facebook.

The Money – Revolut Business

Here is where we tell you how to make a million in a week, oh how we wish that were true, but if you’re fortunate enough to be taking in payment from clients there’s an account you can get setup super quick.

Revolut a fintech bank that most people have heard of by now recently launched a business option. It allows you to hold a Revolut account in your own name (freelancer/sole trader) or in a business name.

Beyond the speed of getting the account, Revolut is a great choice if you work internationally as you can get paid quickly in 30+ currencies. There are other useful features like expense categorising, meaning fewer visits to the accounts office with coffee-stained receipts trying to see what was €2.99 that day.

The 1 Week Business Setup Done

There is no quick way to come up with the business idea, the team, your offering, your education or your experience. But setting up the essential digital services doesn’t have to take forever.

Your digital marketing also doesn’t have to feel like trying to pick what to watch on Netflix each night. Get in touch with us today, we’re here to help businesses like yours, and we’ll have a quick and efficient call.

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