Facebook Launched In-App Shops For Businesses

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Facebook announced that it is launching Facebook & Instagram shops as a response to Covid-19 to help businesses get e-commerce going quicker.

What is Facebook Shops?

If you’ve ever used Shopify or WooCommerce facebook shop is going to feel familiar. You set up your products either manually by typing them all in, importing a file from your e-commerce site that has the product info.

What can Facebook Shop do?

Facebook shop allows you to quickly display all or a collection of your products right there on your page. You can set categories for products, pricing inventory levels and images to display the products.

You can provide direct support to customers looking at your products by offering support there through Messenger, Instagram direct or WhatsApp.
IN the US you can provide direct checkout within the app to speed up the customer journey, this is set to roll out in Europe in a few months

What about the shop costs?

Facebook has said that shops will be free for all users “no matter their size or budget”. Facebook will be betting on making their profits through businesses increasing their advertising spend on the platforms.

When can I launch my Facebook Shops?

Unfortunately, Facebook has not clarified the dates of release for anywhere outside of the US yet, Shopify has already launched their integration, and if you were already able to tag products, then you will have early access.

Instagram Shop

Will this replace Shopify?

Many panicked that Shopify was in trouble at the news of this with their shares falling off a cliff. However, Shopify Ceo Tobias Lutke was on a live stream with Zuckerberg soon after explaining Shopify’s role in it.

Shopify will integrate directly into Instagram & Facebook Shops, and because in most cases users will need to visit a website to actually purchase a product, Shopify website will be in high demand as the conversion kit.

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