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Zanderson Film

Zanderson Film is a film editing business run by Zachery Anderson in Los Angeles. They provide video editing for 100s of large brand based in LA.

Service Provided

The Brief

They had been struggling with their website having very slow load times. Their load time was ranging from 18 seconds to 25 seconds for their initial load time and so they were not getting many customers through their website as they left when it wouldn’t load.

The Strategy

We needed to fully revamp the technical SEO of the website to make it load much quicker. We developed a plan with Zachery that worked for the website. It was important that we keep the quality of the videos on the site high while we also compressed their size to speed up load time.

The Tasks

Growing their Business Their Way

The Results

Zachary Anderson Results

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Zachary Anderson Results
Search Engine Optimisation

Zanderson Film

Zanderson Film’s website speeds for slow and it was losing them many customers. We improve the website speeds by 300%

Google Ads


We built a detailed campaign with over 400 keywords and through our Google Ads Strategy, we delivered 62 new leads with a lead cost of just €7 to Teameroo.

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