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Prioritising in Digital Marketing with Notebooks

Interestingly in the connected digital world we live in, sometimes my notebook is the way I can connect with my work the most

Notebooks, Prioritising & Digital Marketing

Interestingly in the connected digital world we live in, sometimes my notebook is the way I can connect with my work the most. It’s a strange feeling for me to write in a paper notebook about prioritising and digital marketing, surely I should be using a digital notebook like Evernote?

I do use Evernote a lot, it has so many of my work ideas in it and keeps track of so much info for me. My paper notebook, however, is where the real ideas come from, being able to jot down random bursts of ideas onto paper just can’t be replaced by my Evernote, at least not yet.

Why I Use The Notebook

Trying to keep track of all the ideas that come flowing in throughout the day is a job all of its own. It can get distracting especially for me because I’m always thinking about work, my work, client work, and even other people’s work. I come up with some great ideas in this thinking but when I’ve tasks to do it can get in the way.

I found that having the notebook there with the pen ready means when ideas pop up, I can quickly write them down and come back to them later. It is a good system I don’t lose the value of the ideas, but they don’t distract me from focusing on my work.

How I Organise The Notebook

Organising this notebook is still an ongoing problem. I’ve tried all sorts of notebooks, from simple lined notebooks to squared and dotted versions. I’ve even got on the trend of bullet journaling, the system popularised by Ryder Carroll. It’s an interesting system, and it works for some, but for me what I got from it was the idea of reviewing my priorities.

Task Prioritising

Part of note-taking for me that’s always been a challenge for me is deciding what to note down. In meetings and lectures, you can’t take it all down, but we’ve all been there trying to write down every single thing someone is saying. It doesn’t work, you don’t engage with what’s being said, and you’ll miss a lot of it.

At the centre of bullet journaling is task migration. This is to move undone tasks forward to the next day or reschedule them into the future. By doing this, I realised something, certain tasks were continuously being migrated. The truth was I didn’t want to and most likely was not going to do these tasks, and it took a long time to accept that.

Now, rather than filling my task list with everything that I think I should be doing, I pick the tasks that are actually the focus and give them 100% of my effort.

What About Digital Marketing

Yes, the digital marketing blog just spent a whole article talking about notebooks. But there’s a reason. Showing you that the tasks you really need to do don’t need a task list. If they’re important, you will do them. This isn’t a free card to skip the tasks you don’t like. Instead, now you can focus your effort where you get the most gain.

If you know your customers are on Facebook, but you find yourself spending your time writing emails to exhausted email lists, are you spending your time well? Instead, grab that email list, upload it as a customer list to Facebook and start talking to your customers where they are instead of where you want them to be. Yes, ads cost and emails don’t, but what’s the cost of your customers not hearing you at all?

WordStream wrote a recent article about setting up Facebook remarketing that we will help you a lot. Don’t have time to set it up? No problem send us a message and we’d be happy to help you.

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