Schedule Facebook Posts: 10 Minute Guide

Schedule Facebook Posts
Knowing how to schedule Facebook posts can save you so much time when you’re running a busy Facebook page. You can schedule weeks of content and pick the best times.

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Why Schedule Facebook Posts

Spending time on your Facebook page is important but the time spent scheduling content could be spend handling customer inquiries and growing your business. Sometimes spending less time in marketing means getting poor results, it’s not the case when you schedule Facebook posts.

Top 5 Reasons To Schedule Facebook Posts

  1. Save Time: Scheduling your content will take an hour a week, once a week when you have your content ready to go.
  2. Consistency: Scheduling posts will keep you posting regularly and not on an ad-hoc basis like most of us posting when we think of it.
  3. Engagement: There are optimal times for posting on Facebook, you can set your posting to benefit from these and spread out your posts.
  4. Accountability: When you can see that queue of posts sitting empty of content, it’s a fantastic way to keep yourself posting often.
  5. Cross-Platform: Ensure all your platforms are being updated with content regularly and one isn’t being left behind.

When to schedule?

We wish there was a magic time for all of the platforms out there, but it really does depend on your audience. You want to be posting when your audience is online, but also when they’re spending time on social media.

Facebook Posting Times

Sprout Social put together this heat map of Facebook user times. The key posting times as you can see are different depending on the day. Generally, keep your posts to either side of midday and you’ll be roughly on the button. You should post 1-2 times a day on Facebook, make sure to check what time your audience engage with you and stick to that.

How Often To Post?

Take these frequencies with a grain of salt as it’s all about your audience but they’re a fantastic starting point. Rember test your frequencies to improve your engagement, don’t rely on these forever.

Facebook pages: 1-2 per day
Twitter: 3-10 times per day
Instagram: 1-3 times per day
Instagram Stories: 2-5 times per day
Pinterest: 3-20 times per day
LinkedIn: 1-2 times per week

How to Schedule Your Posts

Finally, how to do it, that was like waiting to cross dame street when there isn’t a bus, bike, car or even a horse and carriage. You can schedule your post within facebook’s platform in the publishing section of your website.

Schedule facebook posts

The most useful tool in here though isn’t scheduling, it’s time and day insights. These insights tell you the days and times that your fans are online which is crucial for scheduling. To find this when you click schedule you’ll see click see details next to the suggested time. You can also find this in Insights and then the posts section.

Facebook Post Days
Facebook Post Times

If you only use Facebook that’s it, you know how to schedule posts efficiently. Now go and shower the world with your fantastic content.

But Wait – What Other Platforms

If like you have social accounts across the board on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, then you’ll need a better solution, we have the way for you.

Buffer - Schedule Facebook Posts Tool

Buffer Scheduling Tool is the simplest, quickest and free for most businesses. Buffer allows you to manage three profiles completely for free. Pricing is €15 per month for more profiles.

Installing Buffer

It’s very straight forward login into the website and connects the three accounts of your choice and away you go. To help yourself make sure to install the mobile app to post on the go.

Buffer Posting Homepage

How to use Buffer

Once you’ve linked your accounts you’re ready to go and it’s so easy. You click queue and beginning typing your post. You can add photos and for Instagram, you can set the first comment, great for adding hashtags.

Schedule Facebook Posts - Buffer

When you’ve written the content and insert your image you’re set to go. Hit Add to queue and that’s it done your post will be posted automatically by Buffer. However, if you want a little more control press the down arrow to the right and you can customise the post time.

Buffer Custom Post Time

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Schedule Facebook Posts: 10 Minute Guide

Knowing how to schedule Facebook posts can save you so much time when you’re running a busy Facebook page. You can schedule weeks of content and pick the best times.