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Boost Your WordPress Site Speed in Minutes: A Proven Guide

Double Your Website Speeds In 10 Minutes With Our Quick Guide For Wordpress Websites Using Just One Plugin.

How To Double Your Website Speed

This is not a clickbait article, you can double your website speed if you haven’t done the correct optimisations already. There are 100s of optimisations to be done to make a website work faster, and more importantly, increase how Google Ranks your website for its speed.

*We have no affiliation with any of the brands in this article*

Checking Your Website Speed

Before doing anything, you should set a benchmark to compare the improvements to. There are a few tools you can use to measure website speed. Our two favourites are Google Page Speeds and Pingdom. Both of these tests will give you an overall score and a load time, note these down.

Working With a New Site

Last week we built a new website with a client, which gave us an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the effect of optimising for site speeds. We build all sites with speed in mind but a lot of the optimisations are done after building so we get to measure the site before and after optimisations.

You have the potential to double your website speed by just following our step-by-step guide below.

Optimising WordPress Websites

Our article only covers optimising WordPress websites, if you’re using Shopify, you can read this post from them to improve your site speed, and Five Design has written one about Squarespace websites that covers everything you need to know there.

The 10-Minute Guide to Doubling Your Site Speed

We’ve tried 100s of ways to improve websites with quick turnaround times, they’re far and in between, but there is one really effective tool. Installing our recommended plugin and setting up the features will take most people just ten minutes after reading this guide.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best tool out there for improving your website speeds without feeling like you’ve stepped into the matrix dashboard. WP Rocket implements 80% of all website optimisations within minutes.

WP Rocket implements 100s of optimisations with a click of a button, but the most important ones are to do with site speed. Page and browser Caching, Minification, Lazy loading, Image Size Reduction and JS reductions are all implemented with a few clicks in the dashboard.

What About Free Plugins?

Setting up WP Rocket is quick and easy. Visit WP Rocket and purchase a licence for the software which is €59 per year.

Before you buy that licence you might be thinking, that there are loads of free plugins to do the same, but there are not. There are free plugins that do some parts, and if you combine enough of them, you can get close to WP Rocket. But then you’re left with the bloat of so many plugins. All of these plugins are managing the functionality of your site, making it so easy for your site to end up broken.

We can do all of this manually ourselves, and yet we decide not to, it’s not about the cost of the plugin to us, it’s about the cost of our website being down for a few hours if even one of these free plugins breaks the site. What would a few hours of lost traffic cost you?

wp rocket logo

The Setup – WP Rocket

The licence is just €47, and hopefully, you’ve considered that the website breaking for even a short period would cost a lot more than that. Now that we’re past the shock of a paid plugin on WordPress, let’s look at the setup. After you’ve purchased your WP Rocket licence, you’ll receive a zip file to download, save this to your desktop and do the following steps.

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Log into WordPress Dashboard

    You can find the login page at
    Enter your username and password.

  2. Install and Activate The Plugin

    1) Click Plugins in the lefthand column, then click Add New.
    2) From here click upload plugin -> Choose the file.
    3) Upload the plugin from the desktop.
    4) Go to plugins again and activate WP Rocket.

  3. Setup WP Rocket

    With the plugin now installed, we can begin the setup.
    Click Plugins -> WP Rocket -> Settings.

  4. Caching

    1) Enable Caching for mobile devices.
    2) Separate Cache files for mobile.

  5. File Optimisation

    Optimising here is the part to be cautious with, check your site content after setting these options to ensure nothing is broken. Don’t worry, disabling the setting will fix any issues.
    1) Enable Minify HTML.
    2) Enable Optimise Google Fonts.
    3) Remove query strings from static resources.
    4) Minify CSS.
    5) Optimise CSS delivery.
    6) Remove jQuery Migrate.
    7) Minify JavaScript files.
    8) Load JavaScript deferred with safe mode on.

  6. Media Optimisation

    1) Enable Lazyload for images, iframes and videos
    2) Disable Emojis
    3) Enable WebP Compatibility
    Better yet use WP Rocket free addon app Imagify to reduce file sizes.

  7. Preload

    1) Activate preloading

The Potential Results

We know everyone says that their way is the best and it’ll always be the best results. We will simply state the results we got using WP Rocket, we managed to double website speed for the mobile website and got a 97/100 score for the desktop version, all in under ten minutes with just one plugin.

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